Why Use Dried Flowers for Decorations?

Why Use Dried Flowers for Decorations?

August 23, 2021

Gone are the days of keeping a bunch of fresh flowers on your table or home décor which gets dull and deflated within a week. Dried and preserved flowers have emerged as better alternative to fresh flowers for home décor or styling, or even for weddings and other events.

Floral industry is increasingly making use of dried flower arrangements that are uniquely and stunningly crafted. They can be used as a more permanent home decoration, long lasting event decoration or a meaningful gift. Here are the some of the benefits of using dried flower instead of fresh flowers:

  • Dried flowers are not just long lasting, but also for 100% natural product identity. These flowers usually lasts for an average of one year and when the flowers are dyed using the right process, they even last a couple of years. On the other hand, fresh flowers can last only up to 10 days in the most cases. Hence, when you choose dried flowers, you are choosing a long-lasting beautiful flower bouquet.
  • Dried flowers require minimum efforts for maintaining them. For instance, you don’t need to water dried flowers as in case of natural flowers. Also, they don’t need much maintenance in general and provided if they’re of good quality, dried flowers can last up to several years.
  • Natural dried flowers wholesale are great way to decorate any home or office space and popularly used for event decorations. When you think of using fresh flowers for event décor, you need to be prepared on the same day as fresh flowers will wither and eventually die. On the other hand, dried flowers have gone through a drying process and they will stay natural and will look beautiful throughout the whole event.
  • Dried flower shop in Sydney offer dried flowers in many shapes, colours and sizes. From Strilingia, Dry wheat, Dry Banksias, Palm medium, Dollar gum tinted, dry lotus leaf and lot more. Many dried flower suppliers offer best natural picks to fulfil your décor needs. As we dye our dried flowers, we provide a stunning range of dried flowers for all seasons.
  • They provide flowers in trendy and seasonal colours continuously. Their large range of dried flowers enables us to make dried flowers available all year round, although they only flower in summer.
  • There are several dried flowers which are edible and form a part of delicious desserts and cakes, as well as some wonderfully flavoured teas. Also, dried flowers are often used as ingredient in natural cleaning products.

Dried flower shop in Sydney specializes in offering dried flowers bulk for business customers all over Australia. They provide Dried Flower Wholesale for hotels and wedding planners, to funeral homes and corporate offices and more.